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A few key points why fbppropertymgmt.com is the best place on the internet to advertise your rentals:

As you very well know, every day your apartment or house for rent sits vacant, you’re losing money. Getting as many potential renters’ eyes on your rental advertising is key to getting a qualified tenant as soon as you can. Long gone are the days where people relied solely on newspapers for apartment advertising. More and more, renters are turning to the internet to scour free websites for list of rental homes and apartments. When listing rentals with www.fbppropertymgmt.com, not only is it a one time flat fee per home for you to advertise but its free for the prospective renters. Unlike many other rental advertising websites, we don’t require the renter to register  before being able to see all the details of your rental listing. When websites require the renter to register, many times they refuse and leave frustrated and never see your rental or apartment advertising that you listed – wasting both your time and their time. We work very hard to make sure our site, as well as your rental listing, is index frequently by all the major search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). By doing all this we ensure we bring a large number of potential renters to view the houses for rent and apartments advertised on our site.​ Our website receives over 6000 visit per month from solid leads looking for homes or apartments. contact us for more info

Screening Process
We conduct thorough credit and background checks to eliminate a high resident turnover. Credit checks are completed with the usage of the three credit bureaus. Background checks are conducted with the nationwide FBI search. All obtained information is disclosed privately with prior signature authorization.