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 Behind every leading business, there is always a story with so much struggle and hardships in the journey of creating something big from scratch. The same is the case with F.B.P Property management, founded by Jerrod Ingram. He had the ambition to get into real estate from his childhood and never stopped anywhere in the whole journey. What made him so ambitious to be in real estate was his passion and the experiences he had in his childhood. When he was a little kid, he noticed so many slum lords who just focused on maximizing their profit regardless of providing relief to their customers. Seeing a slum landlord of a little house he used to live in his entire childhood, he made his mind to start his own business. Realizing that If you want to bring a change in society, then be a part of it, and this is how Jerrod entered into the real estate management business. At that time, it was also quite a tough job for people to find appropriate homes suiting their budget and needs. While growing up, he prepared himself to know the tactics of real estate and embraced his skills to get to the point where this business would be unbeatable. He remained consistent throughout the journey while concerning that nothing can be achieved on the bed of roses or without any struggle and hard work. Through his consistent hard work, passion, and motivation from his surroundings, this company came into existence .Jerrod executed all of his knowledge and skills he learned in all those years growing up. F.B.P Property is a hallmark of incredibility in every real estate matter and based on providing excellence to their clients at very competitive prices. Everything you imagine can be real, and Jerrod did it no matter how much effort he had to put into it to bring imagination into life.

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